Budva is considered one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic and Becici are located at the entrance to Budva, divide them Zavala peninsula.

Budva Riviera occupies the central part of Montenegrin coast, an area of 122 km2, with its 17,000 inhabitants ...
Becici is a small town within the municipality of Budva in Montenegro. It is located north of Budva.

Becici adorns one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean 1950m long. Beach in 1935. won the Grand Prix (Grand Prix) in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Becici is a place that is known for its complex of hotels that are close to the shore, from the latest Splendid, and the Mediteran, and so on. Some of the hotels are newly built, some renovated to provide comfortable stay for every visitor. Within the hotel there are many additional features as guests of the hotel, and all guests Becici.
 Since there are monuments of nature, the beach of Budva Riviera are under special protection regime. Becici beach is sandy and the land and sea and its immediate vicinity is a wide range of tourist facilities. Everything is subordinated to the wishes of many tourists, with the pristine beauty of nature in this area, enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean, which offers a unique experience.
The last major investment in the construction Becici boulevard through Becici, thus significantly reducing traffic jams during the summer months, especially in peak season when a resident Becici large number of guests.

On the west side of the beach there is a great area for water skiing which is very popular with guests. It can be easily reached via the promenade to Budva enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

There's beauty that man never saturate. It is the same, but different. Every time known close, yet mystical and elusive. She relaxed, resting, lures and seduces. For such a beauty of a man constantly searching. And if you have luck - such a beauty and always keeps coming back. Exotic landscapes are not always distant and inaccessible.
 At the heart of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, Budva awaits you and your memorable vacation can begin.